Look of the day: Karen Tamblyn

Look of the day: Karen Tamblyn

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Day With The Iconic House Of Chanel

Part 1

Bahya Oumlil-Murad, Joel Goodrich and Karen Tamblyn

March 10, 2009......A full day awaits San Francisco's fashionable guests. As we arrive to the Grand Palais, it is chaos, major celebrities are making their big entrance as paparazzi are frantically covering them, trying to catch the best (or worst) shots of the A-listers-filled scene. Rachael Zoe, fashion stylist to the celebrities, from LA was one of the first to be spotted.  

James Hince, Kate Moss, Mario Testino
Claudia Schiffer (Photo: CBS )

Across from the main entrance, seated in the front row were supermodels Claudia Schiffer, Kate Moss, her boyfriend  Jamie Hince, and Peruvian fashion photographer Mario Testino (famous for the 1997 Vanity Fair cover of the late Diana, Princess of Wales).  Also spotted among the elite were Freida Pinto, star of Slumdog Millionaire, and Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko.

Olga Kurylenko (Photo: Red Carpet Fashion Award)

Freida Pinto (Photo: CBS)

As the show began and the supermodels walked the amazing runway, Chanel presented a collection that kept true to the core of the legendary Coco Chanel designs.  The dresses and suits were extremely elegant, dominated by black and white and adorned with over the top ruffles, bows, camellias, or pleats at the neck and cuff.  A lot of outfits had a very Victorian, almost Gothic, feel. 

Models and Karl Lagerfeld

Runway Models


Chanel's iconic suit was presented even shorter and slimmer.  The theme was true to Chanel, all about elegance and timeless pieces.  A strong counterpoint to the gloomy economy, it was a message of exuberant consumption and style.  Karl Lagerfeld accented this collection with a touch of pink and green seen in chunky sweaters and dresses as well as in the classic tweed suit.

Guests would never imagine that the fashion industry faces challenges in this shaky economy. Karl Lagerfeld presented a bold, confident collection that was as abundant and sumptuous as  the legendary Coco Chanel. 

Angela Dotson, Karen Tamblyn, Mark Calvano, Bahya Oumlil-Murad
Joel Goodrich, Gail Sanders and Olivia Decker

After the show, our fashionable SF people, including Olivia Decker, Joel Goodrich, Mark Calvano and Bahya  Oumlil-Murad, enjoyed a fabulous lunch at L'Avenue joined by special guests from New York which included Gail Sander, Sonja Bebber, and others.  The affair was hosted and organized meticulously by the fabulous VP Client and Business Development, Angela Dotson.  A-listers Jessica Alba and Eva Mendez were seen at L'Avenue during lunch.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Paris Hotel De Ville ("City Hall") Vip Tour

By Bahya Oumlil-Murad and Karen Tamblyn

Monday, March 9, 2009

Paris is not only the fashion capital of the world, but the place where fashion and politics find each other. Thanks to Bill Lee , SFO Director of International Economic & Tourism Development, Thomas Horn, Chair of the San Francisco-Paris Sister City Committee and Michele Margueron, City of Paris International Relations Department Project Manager, San Francisco’s fashionable took a break from runways and the spotlight to visit Paris’ stunning Hotel de Ville.

San francisco Fashionable

 Joel Goodrich, Bahya Oumlil-Murad, Marie France Bennett, 
Gayle Evans, Karen Tamblyn, Francein Hansen and Mark Calvano

Hotel De Ville Exquisite Salle

It’s not easy to get a glimpse of its interiors, but Marie France Bennett, in charge of visits to the Hotel de Ville, General Delegation to Events & Protocol, courteously squeezed the group into her busy schedule (preparing for visits of Lebanese President Sleiman and former SF Mayor Willie Brown) for a special VIP tour. Upon arrival she greeted us personally at the Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe’s special entrance.

Magnificent Staircase For Official Visits and Events

The Hotel de Ville has housed the administration of the city of Paris since 1357. This multi-function building is home not only to the local administration and the Mayor of Paris (since 1977), but it is also a venue for large receptions.

The reconstruction of the building was directed by architects Théodore Ballu and Édouard Deperthes. The renovated Hotel de Ville showcases 16th century French Renaissance architecture. Its new interiors and lavish ceremonial rooms are decorated in the 1880s style.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chateau Villette, Paris France: Birthday Celebration of Olivia Decker and Karen Tamblyn

International luxury real estate mogul/entrepreneur Olivia Decker hosted a private dinner party at her sumptuous Chateau Villette to welcome friends from San Francisco and New York who were there for the acclaimed Paris Fashion Week and to celebrate both her birthday as well as the birthday of your writer, Karen Tamblyn.

Villette Octagonal Living Room

Villette Music Room

Villette Library Room

Olivia Decker, Joel Goodrich, Karen Tamblyn 
Robert-Michael Joseph 

Angela Dotson and Joel Goodrich

Francein Hansen and Karen Tamblyn

Mark Calvano in the Library

Francein Hansen, Bahya Oumlil-Murad
Gayle Evans

Robert-Michael Joseph and Jane Peck

Angela Dotson, Olivia Decker and Karen Tamblyn

Chateau Villette is one of the most significant historical chateaux in France. Located  25 miles northwest of Paris,  the magnifecent chateau, known as the "Petite Versailles," was  created by architect Francois Mansart in 1968 for the comte d'Aufflay, Lous XIV's ambassador to Italy.

This spectacular property, nestled within 185 acre of private garden retreat, has been  featured in movies and commercials, most notably The Da Vinci Code.  This movie was partially filmed at the Chateau  Villette by Columbia Pictures/Sony Entertainment staring Tom Hanks, Ian Mckallen and Audrey Tautou with Oscar winning director Ron Howard. In the movie, the chateau was featured as the residence of central character Sir Leigh Teabing, a British Royal historian who revealed the secret of the da vinci code.

Villette Dining Room

Olivia Decker and Karen Tamblyn

The  fabulous private dinner gathered friends from San Francisco and New York.  Among the exclusive guest list were VP of client development for Chanel, Angela Dotson, luxury real estate exec Joel Goodrich, Fraiche PR and Communication principal Jane Peck, jettsetter Robert-Michael Joseph, and real estate developer Mark Calvano, just to mention a few.

Fabulous Guests at the Receiving Hall

The guests enjoyed the magnificence of the chateau and the 185 acres of garden designed by Le Notre, who also designed the garden of Versailles, with champagne an exquisite dinner and a wonderful evening.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Emanuel Ungaro Part II

Plaza Athenee-Paris: Reception

House of Ungaro owners, Asim and Isha Abdullah hosted a reception at Plaza Athenee-Paris to celebrate the fabulous collection presented by Colombian-born designer Esteban Cortazar.

Asim and Isha Abdullah

Esteban Cortazar, Mounir Moufarrige (President and CEO, Ungaro),
Joel Goodrich

The intimate affair gathered friends and icons of the fashion industry. Among the attendees were fashion patron, architecture obsessive, and NBA super fan, James Goldstein and International Luxury Consultant and correspondent in France for Focus Magazine Anne De Champigneul.

Mark Calvano and Asim Abdullah

James Goldstein and Karen Tamblyn

Esteban Cortazar and Isha Abdullah

The Abdullahs were toasting with the fabulous crowd. Friends couldn't be any happier for them.

Francein Hansen, Gayle Evans, Carolyn Lee and Bahya Oumlil-Murad

Fashion Stylists from Amsterdam

Ungaro President and CEO Mounir Moufarrige, a Lebanese born businessman who took over the helm of the label in 2006, had much to celebrate: Esteban Cortazar fabulous collection of high hemmed polka dot and pleaded bubble skirts inspired by party-girls had just received great reviews.

Esteban Cortazar, Mounir Moufarrige
Karen Tamblyn

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pre-A-Porter Fall 2009

Emanuel Ungaro Front Row Part 1

It is March 8, early afternoon. The show is about to begin......Photographers and paparazzi are ecstatic over celebrities seated front row including American fashion stylist Rachael Zoe, French comedian Charlie Chaplin's actress granddaughter Dolores Chaplin, French actress Emmanuelle Beart and model turned actress Anna Sherbinina at the Carroussel Du Louvre - Salle Le Notre.

Front Row Celebrities
 Anna Sherbinina

Rodger Berman, Rachael Zoe, Emmanuelle Beart and Dolores Chaplin

San Francisco socialites and jettsetters, including luxury real estate exec Joel Goodrich, commercial real estate developer Mark Calvano, PR and Event Consultant Bahya  Oumlil-Murad, Carolyn Lee wife of Planning Commissioner Bill Lee, Stationary Designer Francein Hansen,  and Gayle Evans wife of British Consul General to San Francisco to mention a few, joined owner of the House of Ungaro Isha (wearing Ungaro of course) and Asim Abdullah for the show, a perennial favorite of fashion week in Paris.

Isha and Asim Abdullah and Bahya Oumlil-Murad

Isha Abdullah, Maryam Mahdavi and Karen Tamblyn

Carolyn Lee and Gayle Evans

Joel Goodrich, Francein Hansen, Bahya Oumlil-Murad
Karen Tamblyn and Mark Calvano

Colombian-born Esteban Cortazar delivered a flamboyant and fresh collection that stayed true to the house founder, fun and sensual. He presented a palette full of bold and contrasting colors like royal blue, orange and fucsia. He added bold tights to the body hugging dresses, well -cut micro mini skirts and structured dresses. Congratulations, Esteban Cortazar!!!! His third season with Ungaro is his best to date. Cortazar is a brilliant designer and continues to more fully embrace the style of the house with each season. I absolutely enjoyed the show.

Ungaro Model (picture from Style.com)

Ungaro model (photo from Style.com)

Ungaro model (photo from Style.com)

Back Stage: Joel Goodrich, Esteban Cortazar and Karen Tamblyn