Look of the day: Karen Tamblyn

Look of the day: Karen Tamblyn

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chateau Villette, Paris France: Birthday Celebration of Olivia Decker and Karen Tamblyn

International luxury real estate mogul/entrepreneur Olivia Decker hosted a private dinner party at her sumptuous Chateau Villette to welcome friends from San Francisco and New York who were there for the acclaimed Paris Fashion Week and to celebrate both her birthday as well as the birthday of your writer, Karen Tamblyn.

Villette Octagonal Living Room

Villette Music Room

Villette Library Room

Olivia Decker, Joel Goodrich, Karen Tamblyn 
Robert-Michael Joseph 

Angela Dotson and Joel Goodrich

Francein Hansen and Karen Tamblyn

Mark Calvano in the Library

Francein Hansen, Bahya Oumlil-Murad
Gayle Evans

Robert-Michael Joseph and Jane Peck

Angela Dotson, Olivia Decker and Karen Tamblyn

Chateau Villette is one of the most significant historical chateaux in France. Located  25 miles northwest of Paris,  the magnifecent chateau, known as the "Petite Versailles," was  created by architect Francois Mansart in 1968 for the comte d'Aufflay, Lous XIV's ambassador to Italy.

This spectacular property, nestled within 185 acre of private garden retreat, has been  featured in movies and commercials, most notably The Da Vinci Code.  This movie was partially filmed at the Chateau  Villette by Columbia Pictures/Sony Entertainment staring Tom Hanks, Ian Mckallen and Audrey Tautou with Oscar winning director Ron Howard. In the movie, the chateau was featured as the residence of central character Sir Leigh Teabing, a British Royal historian who revealed the secret of the da vinci code.

Villette Dining Room

Olivia Decker and Karen Tamblyn

The  fabulous private dinner gathered friends from San Francisco and New York.  Among the exclusive guest list were VP of client development for Chanel, Angela Dotson, luxury real estate exec Joel Goodrich, Fraiche PR and Communication principal Jane Peck, jettsetter Robert-Michael Joseph, and real estate developer Mark Calvano, just to mention a few.

Fabulous Guests at the Receiving Hall

The guests enjoyed the magnificence of the chateau and the 185 acres of garden designed by Le Notre, who also designed the garden of Versailles, with champagne an exquisite dinner and a wonderful evening.

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