Look of the day: Karen Tamblyn

Look of the day: Karen Tamblyn

Sunday, November 8, 2009

San Francisco Gala: amFAR, The Foundation For AIDS Research

Drew Altizer Photography

amFAR Chairs

Kenneth Cole, Supermodel Maggie Rizer
Rex Lee

amFAR CEO Kevin Frost and Chair Stephen Brady

Supermodel Maggie Rizer

Kenneth Cole and Maggie Rizer

On November 6, amFAR supporters from across San Francisco came together to pay tribute to Bay Area Residents who have made significants contributions of their time, talents and resources to benefit their community and to help advance the worldwide battle agains AIDS.

Sebastian Siegel and Claudia Ross

Martha Wash and Rex Lee

Hilary Olsen and Francein Hansen

Host Rex Lee HBO's Entourage, Supermodel Maggie Rizer and Oxford born actor Sebastian Siegel welcomed over 420 guests at The Four Season to the 11th annual San Francisco Gala. Among the attendees were Joy Bianchi, Denise Hale, Vanessa Getty, Claudia Ross, Kimberly Miller, Paul Holm, Derek Besenfelder, Mark Rhodes, Beth Towsend, Teresa Williamsom, Mark Calvano, Scott Harkonen, Sandy Mendel, Keylee Sanders, Marcy Nathan, Juliette Barkdull, Jolynn Hardimann, Antonio White, Captain Michael Gerald just to mention a few.

Juliette Barkdull, Jolynn Hardiman
Karen Tamblyn

Keylee Sanders, Derek Besenfelder

Keylee Sanders and Sandy Mendel

Joy Bianchi and Paul Holm

Stefanie Roumeliotes and Mark Calvano

Captain Michael Gerald, Christina Zee
Antonio White

Supermodel Maggie Rizer

Denise Hale and Vanessa Getty

Stephen Brady and Vanessa Getty

Stephen Brady and Denise Hales

The event was chaired by Stephen Brady, Peter Poulos, Joel Goodrich, Lisa Sardegna and David Carrillo, Nick Augustinos and Curt Kirschner, Tim Hanlon and Fred Naranjo.

Mark Rhodes and Joy Bianchi

Joel Goodrich, Brenda Zarate, Beth Towsend
Mark Calvano

Kenneth Cole and Dr. Mervyn Silverman

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  1. Just discovered your blog and its a delightful mix of Who's Who in SF meets Fashionista Extrodinaire. I look forward to visiting often and getting a glimpse of what's happening on the scene. I'm local and though I have a bridal following, every so often I'll post or link up to what's going on around town. Thanks again for sharing . . .