Look of the day: Karen Tamblyn

Look of the day: Karen Tamblyn

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Peruvian Fashion Photographer Mario Testino Unveiled "PORTRAITS" At The Grand Re-Opening of Museo de Arte En Lima "MALI"

Mario Testino "Portraits" Exhibit At Museo De Arte En Lima
April 8 to May 23, 2010

Kate Moss "Portraits"

Peruvian Photographer Mario Testino arrived in Lima for the grand re-opening of Museo de Arte en Lima "MALI"

On April 8, 2010, accompanied by his favorite muse, supermodel and friend, Kate Moss, Testino attended the museum to unveil his acclaimed collection "Portraits", an exhibition of selected images. At the official Grand Opening, President Alan Garcia attended in conjunction with top Peruvian dignitaries.

"Portraits" features the cream of the crop in our celebrity-obsessed age: Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow, Salma Hayek, Madonna, Angelina Jolie and others whose names have become the hallmark of the fashion world and brands unto themselves.

Mario Testino

Super Model Kate Moss and Mario Testino

The world-renowned fashion photographer moved to London in 1976 and started selling photo portfolios to aspiring models for 25 UK pounds, including hair and makeup, to come up with some cash.

His sense of fashion has made him the most sought-after contemporary photographer and has transformed many of his portraits into icons. Testino is perhaps best known for photographing late Diana, Princes of Wales, for her famous Vanity Fair cover in 1997. His repertoire includes top names from the world of fashion, cinema, royalty and music. Testino continues to work Princes William and Harry. He has created advertising campaigns for high profile brands such as Gucci, Versace, Calvin Klein and Burberry

As a Peruvian, I feel extremely proud of our rich culture and ancient heritage and even prouder of the success of Peruvians abroad like Mario Testino....How difficult it must be not to be Peruvian, goes Testino's famous quote. "Que dificil debe ser no ser Peruano" was the slogan embedded in white t-shirts worn by the catering crew and models at the Grand Re-opening reception.

A Phrase by Testino:
Que Dificil Debe Ser No Ser Peruano!!
(How difficult it must be not to be Peruvian)


  1. I would love to learn more about him. I enjoy his work but ever since I saw him in the September Issue, I am a bit put off. The film made him appear arrogant and a tad incompetent. I simply cannot believe a man who has shelled out so many stunning images is either. Or maybe I can.

  2. Any idea where you can get those shirts? Would be a great Christmas gift for a Peruvian friend. jbrandes81@gmail.com. Thanks!