Look of the day: Karen Tamblyn

Look of the day: Karen Tamblyn

Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer's Hottest Fashion: Epi Center Medspa 11th Anniversary

What is this summer's hottest fashion?

Margaret Mitchell and Jennifer Schaefer

What's the one part of any evening's ensemble you always wear? Before you put on the hot dress, the smoking shoes, or the glitter and bling, the biggest fashion statement is made with your SKIN. Healthy, smooth and clear skin is always IN. This was a key message at the recent 11th Anniversary Celebration of the San Francisco Epi Center Med Spa, an institute for sustainable beauty.

Medical Director Scott Mosser ( Left)

Zem Joaquin, Joy Bianchi, Jennifer Schaefer and Margaret Mitchell

The Epi Center was opened in 1998, the first of its kind and an ongoing leader in the field of skin rejuvenation, combining cutting edge medicing and eco-friendly and organic techniques, such as its proprietary PhotoFacial Elite treatment. The center was named "The greenest Spa" by SF Premier Lifestyle magazine 7x7, noting its role as vanguard in the "green beauty" movement.

The nation's first medical spa gathered San Francisco's VIP list list to join Founder and President Margaret Mitchell, Medical Director & Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Scott Mosser, Director of Clinical Operations Jennifer Schaefer, and their staff to cheer another successful year in business.

Reginald Stone Singing Unforgettable

A Dance To Be Remembered

It was a night filled with a fabulous performance by Reginald Stone, singing the classic Nat King Cole favorites. Among the SF elite on the guest list were socialite Joy Bianchi, Ecofabulous Founder and Style Guru Zem Joaquin, the Leftwhich Team: Founder Sam Leftwhich, President Richard Okiuye, Design Christopher Lee, Le Club Owner Gina Milano, Wick Design Founder Will Wick, and many others

Margaret Mitchell, Guest, Will Wick and Karen Tamblyn

Guest and Maria Ehmer (Left)

Jennifer Schaefer, Margaret Mitchell, Zem Joaquin
Gina Milano


Joy Bianchi

In addition to the beautiful celebration and the healthy glowing skin, we were also treated to another evening of SF fashion. Joy Bianchi and Jennifer Schaefer were impeccable in vintage (Jennifer's Gucci shoes were unforgettable). Margaret Mitchell was stunning in a bright red, floor length gown. Gina Milano was channeling Marilyn Monroe in a sleevless, sea foam cocktail dress. Obviously, being eco-friendly doesn't mean fashion gets left behind


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