Look of the day: Karen Tamblyn

Look of the day: Karen Tamblyn

Monday, July 27, 2009

Roberto De Villacis Couture Show In San Francisco!!

Roberto De Villacis with Models

San Francisco welcomed La-based fashion designer Roberto De Villacis. His amazing couture designs were presented in a private fashion show sponsored by Damion Matthews of SFLuxe.com, Marybeth La Motte of Redcarpetsf.com, Claudia Castillo Ross of Cross Marketing PR, Real Executive Joel Goodrich and Mark Calvano and styled by fashion stylist Karen Tamblyn at Harry Denton's Starlight Room on July 26th.

Prior to the show: Harry Denton (back row) RDV(front)
Karen Tamblyn

Sponsors: Joel Goodrich (left) Models and Damion Matthews of Sfluxe.com

De Villacis opened the show with a fairy tale princess dress designed for Carrie Underwood and featuring in the music video of the Disney film "Enchanted." The magical piece captivated the audience for its unique aesthetic and originality.






A total of twenty one fabulous gowns, ranging from cocktails to evenings were showcased in his exclusive first apparence in San Francisco. Roberto De Villacis, known for creating haute-couture as wearable art, charmed the attendees with each one of a kind piece.

Models: Leah, Quinn and Rachel

His designs evoke some of Le Bella Epoque feeling....the intricacy of the beading, chiffon layers, embellished corsets with Victorian bustlines. Roberto De Villacis complements this detail with exquisite, sumptuous fabrics in these exclusive, custom fitted creations. The results charmed us all. They were absolutely ethereal!!!

After the show: Backstage with Models
Joel Goodrich, RDV, Mark Calvano

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